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What is NEW NORMAL aboard Ships

New Normal, what is it? What does it mean to seafarers?

It is not a new term. It has been used in refer to financial conditions:
  • financial crisis of 2007-2008
  • global crisis of 2008-2012

New normal is now used following the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

....something previously abnormal has become commonplace.

During the pandemic in which restriction was imposed, it was abnormal
  • to make close contacts such as handshakes and hugs;
  • to use mass tranposrtation or come to public service with no safe physical distancing;
  • to attend mass gathering or packing up market for shopping;
  • to go out without a face mask.

Healthier lives

The old abnormality is now on the way to be a "normal". People will live healthier lives with more discipline. They will have to get used to
  • avoiding close contacts by maintaining social and physical distance;
  • appying health protocols such as routine hand washings, putting on face masks when going out;
  • adapting to new work-from-office policy.

You may now leave home for a living but never disobey the health procedures.

Crew change

Of the restrictions during the pandemic, crew changes had to be postponed. Their contracts were extended to undecided time. Dreams of the seafarers to be with the families on special occasions, such as Eid ul-Fitri for the Muslims, remained dreams.

By the coming new normal, it is deeply hoped that companies will facilitate the changes. Then the relieving crews are flied home to their families.

Fly me home, fly me to my lovers.

New normal means hope of new openenings to some seafarers that have been staying home months waiting for phone calls from the HRDs of companies they sent their CVs to.

Joining crew

A seafarer newly joining a ship has to undergo health protocols. Prior to coming aboard he/she may have a rapid test in an MCU.

Aboard ship, while familiarizing he/herself with the stations he/she is responsible for and doing routine duties, the seafarer has to live a healthy life as guided by the health procedures for seafarers.

Maintaining a physical distance, using a face mask mean self protect from being infected and help not infect others. These two measures have to be implemented in a briefing, meeting, safety meeting or while receiving visitors.

Your mask saves me, my mask saves you.

Now seafarers are allowed to go shore. To do shopping or attend class for updating or revalidation. But remember, restrictions are miles away from fully relieved. There are still some limitations.

New normal is just an apologized attemp to ease the lockdown or restrictions in order that the economy survive

Stay aboard, stay safe.


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