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Kalimat ACTIVE : Subyek MELAKUKAN sesuatu.
Kalimat PASSIVE: Subyek DIKENAI sesuatu.

Cotoh kalimat ACTIVE:
  • Bosun is working overside.
  • Two deck crews  are rigging the pilot ladder.
  • The ship is discharging urea in bulk
  • Shore gangs are cleaning sump tank
  • Engine crews are doing overhul on the main engine.

  • Subyek: Bosun, tindakan: working overside = kerja melambung
  • Subyek: Two deck crews, tindakan: rigging the pilot ladder memasang tangga pandu
  • Subyek: The ship, tindakan: discharging urea in bulk = bongkar urea curah
  • Subyek: Shore gangs, tindakan: cleaning sump tank = cleaning sump tank
  • Subyek: Engine crews, tindakan: doing overhaul = overhaul

Contoh kalimat PASSIVE:
  • The ship was built in 1980.
  • This channel has been dredged three times.
  • The wire was replaced last October.
  • The rubber O-ring is renewed.
  • Pressure test is not carried out.

  • Subyek: The ship, tindakan: was built = dibangun
  • Subyek: This channel, tindakan: has been dredged = dikeruk
  • Subyek: The wire, tindakan: was replaced = diganti
  • Subyek: The rubber o-ring, tindakan: is renewed = diganti baru
  • Subyek: Pressure test, tindakan: not carried out = tidak dilakukan

Berikut ini adalah campuran kalimat active dan passive. Cobalah mengenalinya.
  • My captain was born in Bali forty years ago.
  • He likes reading and playing music.
  • Injectors no. 3 and 5 are blocked.
  • I require tug assistance.
  • Fire broke out in hold no. 2.
  • These cylinder heads are reconditioned.
  • Urgently required a chief engineer with tanker experience.

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